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We have designed many sites throughout the United States. As we developed sites in Kentucky we noticed a lack of strength in their state bed and breakfast association. Because we are driven to make our clients successful we launched this site to help drive traffic to our clientele. There is no fee involved. That's right it's free. We have many Websites throughout the country like this promoting our clients. We also list non-clients, just fill out the form below for consideration. The criteria is simple, a Web address, one 1920x900 pixel image of suitable quality, a business in or near Kentucky. ...oh and this is a no Toddzone.

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FAQGeneric Questions About This Site

Well some folks think it stands for Kentucky Bed and Breakfast Association. But it really stands for truth, justice and the American Way.
We design Web sites. I know that any traffic I send to my clients will help sell their product. That will make them happy. Happy clients are good clients. Good clients make referrals. My business depends on referrals.


If you wish to join this Web to improve you traffic and organic ranking send us your contact information. We will then contact you and after we acquire your image we will place you on this site.