Good Morning

The day started OK but then all of a sudden my

 Heart Stopped 

...ever wonder about the afterlife? Well at that moment, I did... a lot.

 I was Aware 

I struggled to keep my shit together for this was it, right, my last adventure.

 Afterlife, Boom 

Turns out it begins in a crowded mall like area crowded with job fair like recruiters

 But Wait! 

It wasn't my choice.
I missed every possible cut. In every possible direction.

 I was wrong 

I needed a new approach.

 No Do Overs 

It was what I did and what I failed to do.

 My Fate 

I had to go back and guide another, help them make the grade.

 My Guides Fault? 

My guides may have been faulty.

 Another Shot 

Maybe I had some value, so one last chance to

 Prove My Worth 

Become a good guide, improve my scores, complete my task, get my afterlife. Simple!
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